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WORKout with Eliza!

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Lila Garrett's Connect The Dots


Eric's new videos!

Eric's back in a cartoon version on the new KILLERS music video "Miss Atomic Bomb", so cool! Check it out!!!   

 Keaton's "Beautiful Pain" fanvideo starring Eric!


Beautiful Pain, Keaton's new album is finally out!!!

go get your copy now!!!





Just This Side Of Insane the new rockin' tune featured in the awesome shows Sons Of Anarchy and Lost Girl


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Download new Keaton's songs not yet available on iTunes or Amazon!!

Today's tune:



Also check out Keaton's new single in collaboration with his grandma Lila Garrett!!!

Now available on iTunes:



Eliza's new project

Eliza's new movie!


              Keaton's music ="315" s

Performing Adele's Skyfall!

Morgan Simon's Food Companies

Pi Bake Shop for Keaton Simons' PledgeMusic Campaign

Morgan on I Will Cook



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April Garrett's Educational Services


Adam Garrett's Stain Glass Cartoons


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